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Verify Frank's Heating and Air Conditioning

We offer a variety of services to meet your home comfort needs.

Maintenance and Repair

At Frank's Heating and Air Conditioning, we do our best to keep your equipment running as long as possible.

A yearly cleaning of both your heating and air conditioning system is strongly recommended by heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturers and can help prolong the system's usable life.  

When it is time for repairs, we do our best to find the most affordable solution possible, all while keeping your system running safely and efficiently.  


What should you expect when requesting a quote on a new system from Frank's Heating and Air Conditioning?
Well, it's a simple process.  
  • Frank will come to your home and take a look at your existing system.  He will also crunch some numbers (load calculations and all that fun stuff) to make sure that we provide the best solution for your home.  He will then ask you a few questions so that he can customize the quote and choose equipment specific to your needs/wants. This visit usually takes less than an hour.  
  • Within a few days, your customized quote will be ready and can be sent to you by mail, fax or e-mail.  Your quote will contain a detailed description of the equipment chosen specifically for your home.

We also proudly offer financing through FTL financing


It's important to take a good look at a home's heating and air conditioning system before making a purchase.  

During an inspection, Frank will complete a visual inspection of the equipment, check the system to make sure it is running properly, advise on age and condition of the equipment, and look for possible code violations or safety issues.